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It is a great option to have a mobile vet to come to you and take care of your pets. This allows you & your pet to stay at home w/o going to a clinic and sitting in the parking lot. Our mobile veterinary practice revolves around the health and well-being of our patients, their owners, our community and our team. We have always been aware of disease transmission, and even before COVID we have always taken care to disinfect appropriately.

Below are some things to note, and some of the things we have added temporarily during the pandemic:
1. There are only 2 of us, Julie and myself, and we work in isolation, and always have.
2. We are Not exposed to a clinic or office full of people.
3. We wear protective outer smocks which are removed after each appointment & replaced by new ones.
4. We disinfect everything we bring on an appointment including all equipment & ourselves (hands, arms, shoes, etc.) between each and every appointment.
5. We take privacy VERY seriously. We will never ask you about your vaccination status, and we will not answer questions about ours.
6. Since eye contact can be threatening to pets, and masks accentuate a person's eyes, we do Not wear masks. A home environment makes social distancing very easy.
Feel free to wear a mask if you like, but since we are working directly with the pets, we will not.

Desert Bloom Mobile Veterinary Service has been helping keep pets happy & healthy for over 10 years
Please feel free to share our contact information with your family and friends that may have pets in need as well. We will be able to see all patients, even if they are not patients already of record.
As long as we are healthy, we pledge to work to keep your pets (and you) healthy as well.
Bring the Vet to your Pet!
Dr. Molina & Julie